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ARdMackel Architects are a chartered architectural practice located in Belfast established by Ciaran Mackel who has worked for many years with other architects in Belfast, Dublin and London.

ARdMackel has an expanding portfolio of community, education and residential projects, and has a history of producing exceptional levels of quality and craftsmanship, receiving several regional and national awards.

The practice director, Ciaran Mackel is a founding member of the Forum for Alternative Belfast [FAB] and all team members complement the practice work with research on urban issues in the city. We collaborate with artists and fellow professionals allowing us to test ideas and afford us opportunities to further deepen our knowledge of the broader urban context for our work. A self‐critical approach is important within the practice and we aim to develop site specific, user sensitive and historically informed solutions; we draw from the deep well of European Architecture that contains strands of Modernism, Rationalism and Expressionism.

ARdMackel is committed to quality design in all aspects of architecture and the experience of it, seeking to bring together buildings, landscapes and their user. As a practice we accept our responsibility to protect our built heritage and environment and seek to enhance it through the insertion of modern buildings within the given context.

Our approach to each building project is to explore the brief by using a range of design methods including sketching, physical modelling and digital techniques. We search for appropriateness and character in our architecture. It is our search for the real and for the particular. We have a track record of providing a personal service that fully engages with the client to deliver design of both quality and value.

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